Praying (and Shouting) for Peace in Finland

The spire of the Tainionkoski Church, as seen from a wheat field on a beautiful evening in August 2018. Tainionkoski is a neighborhood in Imatra, an industrial town of 26,000 people on the Finnish-Russian border. Photo by the Russian Reader

The shocking news that Russia had launched a war in Ukraine spread around the world on Thursday morning. The war within Europe’s borders is shocking and worrying people everywhere.

The Imatra Parish is organizing a joint prayer for peace at 7 p.m. Thursday evening in Tainionkoski Church.

“This morning we have woken up to the fact that war has begun in Ukraine. It’s good to react immediately. Another reason is that our bishops across the board have called on all congregations to hold a prayer hour, ” says Mari Parkkinen, Vicar of Imatra Parish.

The vicar was incredulous this morning as she read the headlines about the war in Ukraine. She’s sad to see her faith in humanity go away once again.

“It’s heart-breaking and tragic when there’s a war going on. Ordinary people suffer in the midst of war. The sadness this morning was palpable,” Parkkinen says.

Imatra Parish welcomes everyone to Tainionkoski Church in the evening to light a candle for peace.

Source: Santeri Tynkkynen, Uutisvuoksi, 24 February 2022. Translated from the Finnish by the Russian Reader


This was scene earlier today (24 February 2022) outside the Russian embassy in Helsinki, via artist Alexander Reichstein. The crowd is shouting, “Russia get out, down with Putin!”


Show Your Solidarity with Russian Political Prisoners: Russian Embassy, London, February 23, 2 p.m.


Stop the Show Trials! Free Political Prisoners in Russia!

While the Russian government celebrates the closing of the Olympics in Sochi, in Moscow, eight arrested activists are found guilty after two years of show trials. Pressure from the international community has already helped to amnesty several people. Let’s show our solidarity with political prisoners! Let’s stop the show trials and persecution of activism in Russia!

We will meet near the Russian Embassy on the day of the Olympics closing ceremony, 23 February, Sunday, 2 PM. Come and join us!


Following mass demonstrations in 2011-12, Russian police arrested dozens of activists – socialists, anarchists, human rights campaigners, ecologists, as well as ordinary citizens who oppose the Putin regime. This is exemplary punishment aimed against a wave of social movements that has been energising a new generation of post-Soviet activists. The demonstration on 6 May 2012 was a legally sanctioned rally that took place on Bolotnaya Square in Moscow. However, it ended with brutal police violence and mass arrests. Of thousands who protested against mass election forgeries, hundreds were kettled by police. More than a dozen of them have been kept in pre-trial detention for over a year.

More info here:

Address: 6/7 Kensington Palace Gardens, W8 4QP
Picket will take place on the BAYSWATER ROAD (Google Map often gives a view on the park)