Attempts by the American press to present Evan Gershkovich, the Wall Street Journal reporter arrested for espionage in Russia, as an innocent victim are blatant manipulations, says the Russian Embassy in Washington.

“We draw your attention to another fit of hysteria in the local media about the allegedly unlawful detention of Wall Street Journal correspondent Gershkovich after the Moscow City Court declined to change the pretrial restrictions for the espionage suspect. Shielding itself behind the principles of freedom of speech, the American press has been brazenly trying to interfere with the Russian justice system and to question its independence,” the diplomatic mission noted.

“Attempts to present Gershkovich as an innocent victim, and his subversive activities as [performance of his] journalistic duties are a blatant manipulation. The local media, serving the interests of Washington’s ruling circles, have long been famous for this,” the Russian diplomats pointed out.

Source: TASS (Telegram), 18 April 2023. Translated by the Russian Reader. TASS’s Telegram channel has 338,460 subscribers. By contrast, my Telegram channel has three subscribers.

A snapshot of TASS’s Telegram feed taken by me at 10:40 a.m. PDT, 4 May 2023. TASS reports the arrest of theater director Yevgenia “Zhenya” Berkovich in Moscow, a Russian-drone attack on downtown Kyiv, and the US White House’s denial of involvement in the recent drone attack on the Kremlin. ||| TRR

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