On Separation Street

marx on separation street


Now it is we find ourselves
On Separation Street.
Why is the sky so gloomy,
As on winter’s eve?

With sadness I remember
How the sunny frost
Gaily crunched and crackled
On the Kisses Bridge.

Oh how young we were
In those bygone years.
You and I were unfraid
Of the cold back then.

Today the sky is gloomy,
As on winter’s eve.
You and I are parting ways
On Separation Street.

Genrietta Liakhovitskaia

Translated by the Russian Reader

Photo: Rear of the former Saint Petersburg Merchant Society’s Nicholaevan Almshouse for Crippled and Elderly Citizens, Separation Street (Rasstannaya ulitsa), 20, Petrograd, April 6, 2014

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