The Anti-War Case: Anton Zhuchkov and Vladimir Sergeyev

Vladimir Sergeyev (left) and Anton Zhuchkov. Photo courtesy of Solidarity Zone

On November 3, a court in Moscow will consider whether to extend the remand in pretrial custody of Anton Zhuchkov and Vladimir Sergeyev, defendants in the so-called Anti-War Case

Zhuchkov and Sergeyev were detained on March 6 of this year on Pushkin Square in Moscow during an anti-war demonstration. Molotov cocktails were found in Sergeyev’s backpack, which later served as grounds for launching a criminal case: the friends were accused of preparing to set fire to empty paddy wagons.

They were initially charged with “attempted disorderly conduct involving the use of weapons” (per Articles 30.1 and 213.2 of the Russian Federal Criminal Code), but the charge was later amended to “preparation for a terrorist attack” (per Articles 30.1 and 205.2.a of the Criminal Code). Zhuchkov and Sergeyev now face up to 10 years in prison.

Today, it transpired that the court hearing, at which the case investigator’s petition to extend Sergeyev and Zhuchkov’s term in the pretrial detention center will be considered, is scheduled for November 3.

You can support the prisoners by being present in court. If you do intend to go to court, do not forget to take your internal passport and to leave your sharp objects and means of self-defense at home.

🕛 12 p.m., 3 November 2022

📍 Khamovnichesky District Court (Judge M.L. Syrova, presiding), 21 Seventh Rostov Lane, Moscow


Source: Solidarity Zone, Facebook, 1 November 2022. Translated by the Russian Reader

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