Yelena Osipova: “May Your Sails Be White, Not Red with Blood”

The Petersburg artist and activist Yelena Osipova created a placard for this past weekend’s Crimson Sails celebrations (for newly minted high school graduates/school leavers) and stood with it on Malaya Sadovaya, a pedestrian street in downtown Petersburg. Her placard read, “May your sails be white, not red with blood. Make the world good!” Photos courtesy of Irina Bogdanovskaya, as posted on the public Facebook page Yelena Andreyeevna Osipova. Artist. Citizen

5 thoughts on “Yelena Osipova: “May Your Sails Be White, Not Red with Blood”

    1. It’s very hard to say because Yelena has always refused to sell her works, and has also always turned down offers of financial assistance. Several years ago, I remember, her supporters did a little informal fundraiser to buy her some art supplies — she accepted that help. I would suggest joining her supporters’ page on Facebook and asking how you might help: I would also suggest that you publicize her cause by reposting the pieces I’ve published here on social media and among your own friends.

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