Would That the Tanks Were Pink and Fired Daisies

Varya Mikhailova
February 13, 2022

I am quite troubled by statements on this topic, because it seems really pathetic to write from Russia that you are against war if you don’t do anything about it (and can’t even imagine what you can do), but it’s horrible to watch the video footage of tanks and realize that your country is doing this.

No matter what wing of the opposition we belong to, we are all responsible for this, and even if there is no more saber-rattling, we are all responsible for the fear that Russia sows in its midst so that none of the former Soviet countries can even think of relaxing and calmly building their own futures.

As a country, Russia is a straight-up abuser who cannot imagine that someone could live peacefully and happily without it, doing everything to prevent this. In this context, [Putin’s] remark about “Like it or don’t like it, [it’s your duty, my beauty]” is absolutely no accident.

The photo, by David Frenkel, shows a pink tank, a symbol of pacifism, which was not allowed to take part in the 2015 May Day demo [in Petersburg].

Translated by the Russian Reader

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