“He is adored by women and respected by men”

He has been called one of the last romantics of the Russian variety stage, a performer with a gorgeous vocal range and a rare timbre. He is adored by women and respected by men.

In his more than twenty years as an artist, Valery Meladze has won many variety stage competitions and prestigious awards in the world of popular music. Valery Meladze is currently one of the ten most popular Russian performers.

Valery, as always, remains true to himself, behaving freely and sincerely towards the viewer. He delights everyone with his pure and unique singing, giving his fans warm feelings and endless emotions, and receiving in return loud applause, grateful smiles, and the sincere, sensual, loving eyes of the audience.

Source: Bileter.ru. Translated by the Russian Reader

2 thoughts on ““He is adored by women and respected by men”

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