Unsuitable for Children

To the Cockroach they all yield
He’s now lord o’er wood and field.
He struts about among them,
Rubbing his big tummy,
Looks at their young ones
And thinks: “How very yummy!”

Gazes at the little ones with greed,
Orders supper to be brought him with speed!

“I want no beans or corn,
But flesh of baby unicorn;
Other youngsters as well—
Those with a savory smell.”

The poor, poor parents
Are in distress.
Their dear babes
They hug and caress:

For what mother could give up her child,
Her baby tame or her baby wild?!
So that the monster could devour
Her precious crumb, her little flower!


HITrushki, “Happy Birthday, President of Russia”


It wasn’t until well into adulthood that the cause of Peter’s erratic behaviour was identified, and he could start managing his illness.

It was also as an adult that he uncovered a terrible incident from his childhood. After the memories began to emerge, he endured some very dark episodes.


Content Warning: Some of Peter’s story is disturbing, and is unsuitable for children.

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