They Also Lie About How Much They Pay Us

“Loans, whatever your credit history, paid in cash in 30 minutes.” Flyer photographed in central Petersburg, 15 May 2017. Photo by TRR

Russian Public TV: Average Wage in Pskov Region Two Times Lower than Official Figures
Pskovskaya Guberniya Online
March 15, 2017

An SMS poll conducted by Russian Public Television (OTR) has shown that the average monthly wage in Pskov Region is two times lower than the official figures, amounting to 9,950 rubles [approx. 160 euros]. These figures were published by OTR’s news service on the basis of information sent by viewers. OTR viewers reported their minimum and maximum monthly wages: they amounted to 6,500 rubles and 15,000 rubles, respectively. According to Rosstat, the average monthly wage in Pskov Region amounts to 22,264 rubles [approx. 358 euros].

The poll showed that the average monthly wage in Russia is 15,158 rubles [approx. 244 euros], which is also two times less than the official figures. Rosstat reported that the average monthly wage this year has amounted to 36,746 rubles [approx. 590 euros]. According to Rosstat, the poorest region is Dagestan. The average monthly wage in the country’s wealthiest regions—Murmansk, St. Petersburg, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District, Sakhalin, Kamchatka, Moscow, and Moscow Region—is over 40,000 rubles per month [approx. 640 euros].

According to OTR’s survey, only viewers in Moscow, Moscow Region, Buryatia, Ingushetia, the Maritime District, and Belgorod Region make over 30,000 rubles a month. Viewers in Kabardino-Balkaria, Kursk Region, Orenburg Region, Pskov Region, Saratov Region, and Tver Region make less than 10,000 rubles a month. The lowest monthly wage was discovered in Novgorod Region. A postman there makes 2,800 rubles a month [approx. 45 euros].

Translated by the Russian Reader. Thanks to Comrade Koganzon for the heads-up. See “Russia’s Economic Performance: Fudging the Stats” (February 16, 2017) and “Alexei Gaskarov: A 25,000 Ruble Minimum Monthly Wage Is a Good Idea” (February 9, 2017) for more perspectives on these issues.

Stalker Workers Union

Stalker Workers Union
– Work to your physical capabilities
– Dormitory (bed)
– Solution to social, domestic, and legal problems
– Board
– Bonuses


Starting January 1, the minimum monthly wage in Russia will be $87 a month, the Moscow Times reported yesterday.

According to Rosstat, as of September, the average monthly wage in Russia was $463.

And yet Russian armed forces are for some reason bombing something and somebody to kingdom come in Syria.

That must cost a lot of money. I will not even ask where it comes from.

The really crazy thing is this no doubt super expensive bombing campaign is almost completely unopposed by the Russian population, who actually live in one of the richest countries in the world but are “happy” to live like paupers.

Eighty-seven dollars a month.

By the way, in its constitution (now mostly honored in the breach), the Russian Federation identifies itself as a “social state.”

The Russian Federation is a social State whose policy is aimed at creating conditions for a worthy life and a free development of man. 

What does that even mean when you are making between eighty-seven and four hundred sixty-three dollars a month in cities, such as Moscow and Petersburg, where the cost of living (minus the rent if you happen to own your own abode) is comparable to the cost of living in European and North American cities?

Something has got to give.

Or does it?

Photo by the Russian Reader