They Know What They’re Doing

A piece of street art featuring a crucified Jesus Christ and two soldiers with no insignia on their uniforms has appeared on Vasilievsky Island’s Kosaya Liniya. As the author of the work, artist Vano Bogomaz, writes on Instagram, it is a collage that uses images from the internet and reproductions of Diego Velasquez’s painting Christ Crucified.

In his description of the work, Bogomaz quotes the words of Jesus on the cross: “Forgive them, for they not what they do.”

“Two thousand years have passed, and yet we still can’t stop doing evil,” Bogomaz writes. The work was occasioned by Good Friday.

Here we give our readers a glimpse of what the collage looks like and how passersby reacted to it.

Source: “‘Forgive them, for they know not what they do’: We show you street art on Vasilyevsky Island featuring crucified Christ and soldiers,” Bumaga, 8 April 2023. All photos by Andrei Bok for Bumaga. Translated by Hecksinductionhour

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