Protesting the Wars

Since there really isn’t an anti-war movement in Russia, and the Putinist state has been working overtime to persuade scattered dissenters to keep their mouths firmly shut, every time I see evidence of anyone’s having the guts to protest publicly the madness of the past year, I feel a little bit of hope. And the desire to show the opposition in Syria that not all Russians are their enemies. Unfortunately, I have no idea whose these brave women are, and where exactly this protest took place, other than two or three days ago somewhere in or near Moscow. TRR

Source: Alla Frolova

“The Russian Federation has been fighting in other countries for 70 years. A patriarch who blesses war is not a Christian.”
“In Russia, whatever the war, it’s ‘holy.’ But the individual’s life is worth a kopeck.”
“Mercy is what we appeal to. Alexander Men.”
“Schools and hospitals instead of bombs and shells. No to war with Syria and Ukraine.”
“War is a tragedy. Remember the victims. (Syria, Aleppo…)”

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