A Funny Kind of Anti-Americanism

Despite the unrelenting anti-US rhetoric of recent years, the Russian elite has been quite happy to invest both government funds and their own money in the Great Satan’s economy.

Russia Has Bought US Treasury Bonds Worth 91 Billion Dollars
August 16, 2016

As of the end of June, Russia had increased its total investments in US Treasury bonds to 90.9 billion dollars. The figure increased by three percent during the month. This is borne out by data published the US Department of the Treasury on its website on Tuesday, August 16.

A year ago, Russian held 72 billion dollars in securities. Thus, the amount of bonds it has purchased has risen by 26 percent over the last twelve months.

Russia ranks sixteenth among major holders of US Treasury bonds. Saudi Arabia ranks fifteenth and holds 98.3 billion dollars in bonds. China is in first place. The People’s Republic of China owns 1.24 trillion dollars’ worth of securities. In second place is Japan (1.15 trillion dollars), followed by Ireland in third place (270.6 billion dollars).

Various countries own a total of 4.04 trillion dollars in Treasury bonds.

US Treasury bonds are considered among the safest securities in the world. Their low yields (around three percent) are offset by guaranteed payouts. US Treasury bonds have never defaulted even once since they were first issued.

Translated by the Russian Reader. Thanks to Valentin Urusov for the heads-up. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

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