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Tourists Forced to Leave Four Quintals of Finnish Food at Border

May 11, 2016, 2:25 pm / Tags: Border, Shopping

More than 410 kilograms of animal-derived produce were seized from travelers at the border between Finland and Leningrad Region from May 6 to May 9.

Russians brought pork, fish, sausage, cheese, butter, yoghurt, and cottage cheese back from Suomi, but not everyone stayed within the permitted limit of five kilograms per person. Passengers who exceeded the limit were also lacking Rosselkhoznadzor import permits and veterinary documents.

“Documents for the return of the goods to the Republic of Finland have been drawn up,” reported the press service of Rosselkhoznadzor’s Petersburg regional office.

Source: Fontanka.fi; translated by the Russian Reader


A young American student asked my friend, a Russian language teacher, “Why do they show on the news that a German married a dog?”

Evening of dancing in Finland, starting at 115 conditional units, November 28–30. 1) Сomfortably obtained visa; 2) Duty free shopping; 3) Dinner; 4) Swimming, sauna, live music, dancing. Photo by SC

Another friend’s coworker told her about a recent outing with former university classmates. One of them, a woman, had told him that Russia was the last bastion of Christianity in the world; according to her, the rest of the world was drowning in vice. When he objected to this assertion, the woman replied, “What, aren’t you a patriot?” Later in the evening, after the champagne and cognac were flowing freely and the woman was in her cups, she confessed to him that, in fact, she “loved” Europe.