A young American student asked my friend, a Russian language teacher, “Why do they show on the news that a German married a dog?”

Evening of dancing in Finland, starting at 115 conditional units, November 28–30. 1) Сomfortably obtained visa; 2) Duty free shopping; 3) Dinner; 4) Swimming, sauna, live music, dancing. Photo by SC

Another friend’s coworker told her about a recent outing with former university classmates. One of them, a woman, had told him that Russia was the last bastion of Christianity in the world; according to her, the rest of the world was drowning in vice. When he objected to this assertion, the woman replied, “What, aren’t you a patriot?” Later in the evening, after the champagne and cognac were flowing freely and the woman was in her cups, she confessed to him that, in fact, she “loved” Europe.



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