Who Are You? Passersby on Ligovsky Prospect

mariaThis is Maria. She writes existential novellas.

If you find yourself on Petrograd’s Ligovsky Prospect in the next week, go to the Open Workshops (Ligovsky Prospect 99; open noon–9 p.m., Monday–Saturday) and see the wonderful collective photographic project Who Are You? or Passersby on Ligovsky Project, which is mounted right on the street.

Here is what the project’s authors have to say about it:

During the week of January 24–30, 2015, the photography course led by Dmitry Pryakhin at the Open Workshops will invite passersby to have their photograph taken and ask them who they are and how things are going. The photographs and replies will be published daily on the project website: The end result will be a large number of photos of various passersby on Petersburg’s Ligovsky Prospect and their answers to our questions.

Project’s Instagram page: @ om_ktotitakoy
Project’s Twitter page: https://twitter.com/kttproject

This was my favorite picture/story combination of the ones I saw and read at the street exhibition:

alexander and dan-vkAlexander and Deng

I went out at night for cigarettes, and Deng was in a sandbox howling at the moon. I invited him to come spend the night. In the morning it turned out his owners had died.

Deng is the father of China’s reforms.

Thanks to Comrade KB for the heads-up.

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