“Cossacks” and Nightclubbers in Petrograd

I guess being a “Cossack” is something like being a member of the KKK. You just take all the stupidity in your addled head and hatred in your twisted heart, and convert it into a violent little game of dress-up with other freaks like yourself.

In any case, if there are any “real” “ethnic” Cossacks out there in the world to whom none of the aforesaid applies, they should do something to stop the fake “Cossacks” who like playing dress-up and pushing other people around from sullying the good Cossack name.


For the Russian-impaired, this post was inspired by this news article, published a few days ago in a reputable online national news outlet, about how “Cossacks” are going to start patrolling nightclubs in Petersburg and making sure that “Russian Orthodox” traditions are observed there.

I’m sure these dress-up dolls have no clue what these “Russian Orthodox” traditions are, especially as they apply to nightclubs. (No twerking allowed?)

It’s something on the order of all true Germans being “Aryans” back in the 1930s and how that also meant they could start pushing Jews, Roma, their leftist opponents, and, later, just about everyone else around.

That is, it’s a sick fascist fantasy, conceived by the power elite to satisfy the spiritual and moral longings of powerless people who have been humiliated most of their lives, but hardly by nightclubbers.

Photo courtesy of The Telegraph

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