Russia’s Anti-Gay Law Kills!


Bloody Performance by Moscow LGBT Activists outside Presidential Administration Building

2 July 2013

On July 2, the LGBT community staged a bloody performance near the entrance to the Presidential Administration Building in Moscow.

88.75 КБ

Moscow activists Reida Linn, Niks Nemeni, and Roman Petrishchev were discovered in a pool of blood near the entrance to the Administration Building. Another activist, Alexei Davydov, accompanied the action with a placard. Photographs of recent real victims of homophobia were placed on the activists’ backs.

73.42 КБ

Passersby whispered in horror and recorded the event on cameras and telephones. However, within several minutes, police officers recognized it was a staged performance, confiscated Alexei Davydov’s placard (inscribed “Mizulina‘s Law in Action”), and took the activists to Kitai Gorod police precinct.

92.27 КБ

“This protest aims to demonstrate the danger of the new anti-LGBT laws, because of which any person, whatever their orientation, can end up in a pool of blood,” the picketers stated by way of explaining their actions.

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