This Is What You Wanted!

Dear Sir,

I’m sorry you did nothing with our message.
As you will have noticed, all Russians will be held accountable for the genocide of the Ukraine people.
We will destroy your economy and life in Russia will be set back 100 years.
Many more than the present almost 25,000 death Russian soldiers will be killed.
Russia will lose its youth.
Every Russian will be treated as a potential criminal.
This is what you wanted!

Free people in the World

Source: Email sent to avvakum (at), 3 May 2022

Shot of a young woman using a smartphone and having coffee in the kitchen at home

I enraged this particular reader, apparently, by not “acting” on their previous letter, dated 4 March 2022, to wit:

Dear sir,

Please help to stop the genocide in Ukraine by Putin.
We know this is not the will of the ma[j]ority of the Russian people.
Ukrainian and Russian population are interrelated in many families. They should be brothers and sisters.
War should not be something of the 21st century.

In the last 30 years there was cooperation in Europe and more understanding. The Russian economy was helped by efforts of many investors, business owners and countries. By this a backlog in welfare has diminished.
The war started by Putin means that all the people in Russia will get poorer.
And travel abroad is made impossible. Nobody wants Russian people anymore.
Even if the killing is stopped. The committed war crimes and the grieve about lost ones will be in the memories for decades.
Everything you have build up in welfare, relations or future will be lost for a very long time.

Do something against the killing of civilians in Ukraine!
You are the ones that should and could do that!
What would you tell your children when they ask you why you tolerated this war?

Kind regards,

[Name withheld]

One thought on “This Is What You Wanted!

  1. Well, that was lame – anyone with even half a brain who spent more than half a second actually reading stuff you wrote should be able to see that this is obviously NOT what you wanted and never has been. Apparently, the sender can barely see past the tip of their own nose and simply jumps to the conclusion that you’re an enemy without even TRYING to explore other possibilities. And somehow, this type of behavior is supposed to help stop a war! That is very interesting…

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