Smog in Siberia, Fires No One Puts Out

fullscreen-1oaq“Help! We’re suffocating.” A message from Achinsk in Krasnoyarsk Territory in Siberia. Courtesy of and Vedomosti

Smog Has Engulfed Cities in the Urals and Siberia
July 24, 2019

Nearly 2,000,000 hectares of forest are burning in Siberia and the Russian Far East. Almost no attempt is made to extinguish them since most of the fires are burning in remote areas where the cost of fighting the fires exceeds the cost of the damage they can cause [sic].

Translated by the Russian Reader. For the full album of horrifying photos of smoke-engulfed cities in the Urals and Siberia, click this link.

fullscreen-1nuyUst-Ilimsk, Irkutsk Region (Siberia), Russian Federation. Courtesy of and Vedomosti

fullscreen-1pgyKrasnoyarsk. Courtesy of and Vedomosti


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