Atlanticist elites dread not only Russian power, but the liberating potential of an ancient Russian ideal articulated by legendary thinkers like Fyodor Dostoevsky: traditional faith instead of sectarian extremism or materialist fanaticism; national and ethnic solidarity instead of either toxic chauvinism or corrosive cosmopolitanism; and a just sovereignty instead of our pleasure-dome police state. Rediscovery of these principles can move entire peoples toward nobility and sanctity, affording them true freedom and a fighting chance to crush the cult of Mammon.


2 thoughts on “Humoresque

  1. I have this Russian friend (don’t know if I still want to call him a friend, however) that keeps sending me articles he found on this global conspiracy theory research site, confirming his pro-russian (he is Russian) and apologetic stance. Reading this excerpt, I start to wonder if this whole site isn’t just a translation of Russian articles and editorials.

  2. It’s a menace, is what it is, especially because lots of people read their stuff (“research”) and become even more disoriented than they were already. As for pro-Russian coverage specifically, I’m almost prepared to believe that kooks like this do it for free, although I’m afraid a lot of it is bought and paid for.

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