Who Are We? We’re the Russians!


Who are we?                Russians!

What do we want?                To live better than everyone!

What are we doing about it?              Nothing!

Who’s to blame?              The government, the church, and the wogs!

Thanks to Comrade Igor for the heads-up.


We had a very good farewell for the latest director of the German Naumann Foundation (the foundation of the Free Democratic Party of Germany). And he said a very apt thing, “When I was getting ready to come to Russia, I was told that Russians were very good-natured, very hospitable, very responsive, very sociable people, who were comfortable to live with and who were very open. As I get ready to leave the country three years later, I can say this is not true. Russians are individualists and quite aggressive. When you’re on the street, in a room, wherever you are you feel this aggression. And it is quite discomfiting.”