Trolling the Trolls


Lyudmila Savchuk-Borisova
October 15, 2016

The police have taken on the troll factory. The managers of the Kremlin bots have been accused of fraud.

Friends, in connection with the complaint I filed, drafted with the help of the civil rights activists at Team 29, the police have inspected the work of the so-called troll factory in St. Petersburg.

As stated in the reply [to my complaint], written by head of the local Department for Economic Security and Corruption Prevention of the Interior Ministry (the economic crimes division), evidence of a crime, as defined by Russian Federal Criminal Code Article 159 (fraud), has been detected in the actions of Internet Research LLC’s management.

The case file has been sent to the investigative department, and we are awaiting their decision.

I infiltrated the factory early last year to investigate this organization’s activities. Under the guise of an employee, I researched how the work of paid “commentators” was set up. This enabled me not only to make the general public aware of this aspect of life in Petersburg but also to launch inspections of the goings-on at 55 Savushkin Street by various authorities.

Translated by the Russian Reader. Thanks to Comrade AK for the heads-up. Photo by the Russian Reader

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