At the Newsstand (A Wave of Patriotism)

A newsstand in Moscow. Photo: Moskva Tsentr

A Wave of Patriotism

A conversation at a newsstand, today, March 4, 2022, Moscow:

Novaya Gazeta, please.

– And why is everyone pouncing on this Novaya Gazeta and snatching it up?

– Nothing surprising about that. It’s the last honest newspaper in Russia.

– Honest? Can Jews honestly write about Russia?! It’s a Jewish newspaper!

– What do you mean, Jewish? It’s not Jewish.

– It’s Jewish! They are enemies of Russia!

– Then why are you selling it?

– I am not selling it [as she hands over the paper in exchange for money]. I am… [Pauses to think.] I am… blocking it! [Carefully straightens out the two remaining copies.]

– You just sold it to me. But okay, I’ll be going to another kiosk from now on.

[Hysterically, segueing into a scream and spraying saliva] You’re the enemy!!!

– Why the familiarity? What’s your proof?

– You’re an enemy of Russia!!!

– Stick your filthy tongue up your ass.

Instead of answering, the saleswoman slams the kiosk’s glass window shut. The window frame rattles and jingles threateningly. At least it’s not caused by an explosion. Not yet.

Communication breakdown.


А is for anti-Semitism.

W and P are for wave of patriotism.

S is for schizophrenia, as was said.



Grazhdanskaya Oborona (Civil Defense), “Wave of Patriotism”:

“Rock and roll is an enemy of the people”

Source: Volja, Telegram, 4 March 2022. Thanks to Anatrr Ra for the link. Translated by the Russian Reader

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