“And It’s Only the Second Day of the War”

“You will pay for Putin’s war with taxes, closed borders, poverty, blocked services, and an information vacuum. No war!” Photo courtesy of Ivan Astashin

Former Russian political prisoner Ivan Astashin writes:

A conversation at the post office today:
– Give me, please, a blank delivery confirmation slip for a letter going abroad.
– And where are you going to send it?
– To France.
– You can send to France. But you can’t send to Moldova and Ukraine.

* * *

Meanwhile, in Sberbank, there is a crowd of people like I’ve never seen before. There is no money in the ATMs. (Only yesterday, Russians withdrew 111 billion rubles from their accounts.) [This is approximately 1.2 billion euros.] Everyone is waiting for someone to come make a deposit, then they immediately withdraw what was deposited. Some people are quietly panicking.

And this is only the second day of the war.

Source: Ivan Astashin, Facebook, 25 February 2022. Translated by the Russian Reader, who needs your donations to keep this website up and running and updated daily. Click on the “Donate” or “Buy me a coffee buttons” in the right sidebar. Thanks!

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