A Simple Wager

Aleksandr Fukson (Wolodarskij)
February 12, 2022

I would suggest that Russian nationals with more or less decent political convictions make a simple wager with themselves.

If war does begin, you transfer one monthly salary to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces and then continue to transfer one-fifth of all your income until hostilities cease. You don’t believe that war is possible, do you? So you’re not risking anything at all, are you?

If you’re not willing to make such a simple wager, it means you’re not really sure about anything. In that case you shouldn’t pretend to be military experts. If you’re not willing to oppose your own government in any way, shape or form (I get it: you’re worried about prison sentences, torture, etc.) just keep quiet.

This also applies to non-Russian nationals, by the way. It’s just that “optimism” is especially annoying when performed by citizens of the aggressor nation, because it doesn’t look like optimism. It looks like a personal disavowal of responsibility.

Thanks to George Losev for the heads-up. Photo and translation by the Russian Reader