Show Me the Sun

Rostov eighth-graders playing “Show Me the Sun”

Another great story from the world’s biggest country, where ordinary people are so helpless that their fate and that of their absolutely humungous, rich, powerful country will be decided in November at the US presidential elections, not by anything they do or do not do between now and then or ever afterwards. Or so I was told earlier today by a smart young cookie.

Anyway, those ace detectives at the Investigative Committee’s branch office in Rostov-on-Don have concluded that a group of teeny boppers accused of having celebrated Hitler’s recent birthday by doing the old Nazi stiff-arm salute, having their picture taken while doing it, and posting it online were not actually doing what they seemed to be doing to the few actual antifascists left in this once-proud land that seventy-two years ago defeated fascism.

No, concluded the IC RoD office, the kids were actually playing a game called “Show Me the Sun.”

Here is how the game works if you want to play at home with your kids or at your next neighborhood cookout.

“Anyone in the group suddenly shouts, ‘Show me the sun,’ and everyone else quickly points at the sun. The loser is the person who responds to the command last.”

Thus, IC R-o-D argues in its report, the adolescents did not intend to incite hatred or enmity and promote Nazi symbols.

Besides, the eighth-graders captured in the photograph are from affluent families, have good conduct reports, and “are involved in various historically focused events.”

You see, it is “extremism” when people with no connections and no wads of cash parked offshore do it. When the affluent or their kids do it, they are just having a laugh.

Source: Mediazona, DonNews