Free Pussy Riot

2-20 The Digital Revolution in Slavic Culture: the Victors, the Vanquished, and the Collateral Damage –
Grand Ballroom Salon I
Chair: Alexandar Mihailovic, Hofstra U
Papers: Ksenia O Gorbenko, U of Pennsylvania
“Church and State on Trial: the Pussy Riot Case and Online Media”
 Julie Anne Cassiday, Williams College
“Glamazons en Travesti: Russian Drag Queens and the Internet”
 Emily D Johnson, U of Oklahoma
“Seeking Mikhail Armalinsky: Constructing and Reading the Self in an Age of Digital
Disc.: Eliot Borenstein, New York U
3-20 Contemporary Art Collectives and the Revolution Today I: Gender, the Body, and Buffoonery –
Grand Ballroom Salon I
Chair: Anna Wexler Katsnelson, Princeton U
Papers: Jonathan Brooks Platt, U of Pittsburgh
“Suspended or Suspenseful Encounters?: Gender, Politics, and the Factory of Found Clothes”
 Sara Stefani, Indiana U
“Make War, Not Love: Art Collective Voina and the Post-Soviet Bodyscape”
 Mark Yoffe, George Washington U
“Pussy Riot in the Context of the Russian National Carnivalesque Tradition: Iurodstvo and Stiob
in the Discourse of Russian Counterculture”
Disc.: Ksenya Gurshtein, National Gallery of Art
6-20 Orthodoxy, Pussy Riot, and (Post)Modern Russian Culture – (Roundtable) – Grand Ballroom Salon I
Chair: Nadieszda Kizenko, SUNY Albany
 Robert Bird, U of Chicago
Irina A. Papkova, Georgetown U
Wendy R. Salmond, Chapman U
Vera Shevzov, Smith College
Andrei Andreyevich Zolotov, RIA Novosti
7-27 Will the Revolution be Visualized? How Recent Protests have led Feature Films, Documentaries,
and Pussy Riot to Embrace or Eschew Revolutionary Visual Aesthetics – (Roundtable) – MIT
Chair: Dawn A Seckler, U of Pittsburgh
 Evgeny Gusyatinsky, Iskusstvo kino (Russia)
Andrew Harris Chapman, U of Pittsburgh
Claire L Shaw, U of Bristol (UK)
8-20 Contemporary Art Collectives and the Revolution Today II: Criticism and Power – Grand Ballroom
Salon I
Chair: Bettina Jungen, Amherst College
Papers: Natalie Oleksyshyn, Ohio State U
“We Will R.E.P. You: Undermining Central Ideologies in Liminal Spaces”
 Pamela Jill Kachurin, Duke U
“Is Pussy Riot Really the New Malevich?”
 Victoria Thorstensson, U of Pennsylvania
“Larger Contexts for Pussy Riot: The Kazan Cathedral Protest (1876) and the Punk Prayer ‘Mother
of God, Drive Putin Away’ (2012)”
Disc.: Jane Ashton Sharp, Rutgers U